Be Shrove Tuesday ready with our favourite pancake toppings!


With pancake day around the corner we’ve put together our top ten best finds for the perfect pancake topping! 

  1. Lemon and sugar – the classic – sweet and zingy rolled into one.
  2. Ice cream and peaches – the creamy ice cream works well with the sweetness of peaches.
  3. Chocolate spread and strawberries – indulge yourself, add chocolate spread to a warm pancake and watch it melt, scatter chopped strawberries for the finishing touch.
  4. Peanut butter and banana – an energy booster, smooth or crunchy, take your pick and spread along with a sliced banana.
  5. Bacon and cheese – turn your pancake savoury with this winning combination, leave out the sugar in your batter mix, if you wish.
  6. Lemon curd and meringue – this is an upgrade to the classic lemon and sugar. Smother lemon curd over your pancake before crumbling a meringue over the top, delicious.
  7. Yoghurt and berries – lighter on the calories, choose your favourite yoghurt and top with seasonal berries.
  8. Smoked salmon and cream cheese – perfect for brunch, packed with protein, this is a savoury winner.
  9. Leek, mushroom and feta cheese – why not have pancakes for dinner with this filling and vegetarian option.
  10. Clementine and Cointreau – and for the grown-ups, why not try slicing a fresh clementine with a drizzle of citrusy Cointreau on top.

For the perfect pancake have a look at our basic pancake mix recipe.

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