Top tips from Chef Ryan

We all hate food waste, so here we have some top tips from Ryan, our Chef and Head of Food, on how you can keep your weekly grocery shop fresher for longer!


  • Take fruit and vegetables out of the plastic bags they come in or pop them bag to allow it to breathe.


  • Keep milk at the back of the fridge where there is a constant temperature.


  • Wrap a bunch of celery in foil and keep it in the fridge to help it stay fresh and crisp for 3-4 weeks.


  • Old takeaway pots or ice cream tubs are great to store food items in rather than using cling film.


  • Store sliced bread in the freezer, defrost for 15 minutes to use as bread or toast straight from frozen.


  • A simple one but use a food storage clip for items such as rice, pasta and crisps to help them stay fresh. Alternatively, decant into jars with airtight lids.


  • Keep an eye on what’s in the fridge, a lot of things can be frozen. Vegetables can be blanched by simply boiling them for a few minutes and freezing.


  • Often things grown in hot climates don’t like being kept in the fridge. Whole pineapples, avocados, onions, potatoes and more will keep better at room temperature.


  • Remove your fresh herbs from their packets and store them wrapped in a few pieces of damp tissue, this makes them stay fresher for longer.



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