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Offer valid between 16/06/21 and 30/06/21. Product availability may differ between stores.

  • Co-op 6 snack sausage rolls,
  • Co-op 6 sausage rolls, 300g
  • Co-op 2 sausage rolls, 110g
  • Co-op mini sausage rolls, 160g
  • Co-op jumbo sausage roll
  • Co-op quiche Lorraine, 400g
  • Co-op cheese and onion quiche, 400g
  • Co-op cheese and bacon quiche, 350g
  • Co-op mixed olives with feta in a herb dressing, 100g
  • Co-op pitted queen green olives with garlic, 100g
  • Co-op cream cheese stuffed peppers, 120g
  • Co-op mixed olive trio, 150g
  • Co-op sun soaked tomatoes, 120g
  • Co-op houmous, 170g
  • Co-op soured cream and chive dip, 200g
  • Co-op onion and garlic dip, 200g
  • Co-op salsa dip, 200g
  • Co-op red pepper houmous, 170g
  • Warren’s Fruit Farm strawberries, 250g
  • West Country Meringues, 6 large shells
  • Co-op cocktail sausages
  • Co-op 4 snack crispy pork pies, 300g
  • Cheddar Gorge Co. cheese straws, 170g
  • Co-op cola, 2L
  • Co-op diet cola, 2L
  • Co-op Irresistible lightly sea slated crisps, 150g
  • Co-op Irresistible extra creamy coleslaw, 300g
  • Thorner’s of Somerset oven baked ham, 250g
  • Thorner’s of Somerset honey roast ham,
  • Thorner’s of Somerset glazed sliced ham,
  • Thorner’s of Somerset thick sliced ham, 300g
  • NUTT’S scotch eggs, all varieties, 1 egg
  • Real Olive Co. Olives, all varieties, 185g
  • Somerset Charcuterie Somerset cider chorizo, 75g
  • Somerset Charcuterie black pepper and garlic salami
  • Mr. T. G Pullin’s Bakery sourdough, 600g
  • Lovely drinks, raspberry lemonade, 200ml
  • Lovely drinks, rhubarb and ginger lemonade, 200ml


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