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Beckford's Rum

Our range of Beckford’s Rums are named after and in honour of Henry Beckford, a freed slave and orator, who attended the world’s first anti slavery congress in London in 1840, by invitation.

An ardent slavery abolitionist, Beckford was accepted into polite society and became a beacon of light emerging from a dark past. An impression of Henry features on all our bottles and our premium Rum is also called ‘Henry’ – “In equality and intelligence”.

Beckford’s Rum makes award-winning rums using traditional techniques and only the best natural ingredients. We combine our quality Rum with perfectly matched classic flavours to create truly irresistible drinks.

We are based in the World Heritage city of Bath in England – the original city of elegant consumption.

Having worked on the launch of some of the world’s biggest brands, we finally decided to launch our own brand.  We saw a gap in the market for a flavoured rum and launched our Caramel Rum in 2019. Within months we were awarded a 3*** Great Taste Award, which inspired us to develop the full range of flavoured and overproof rums we have today, which we are proud to say have received nine major awards.

Our speciality is blending, an exact science that requires sourcing the very best ingredients, which results in smooth, well balanced and delicious tasting drinks and a unique range of complex and balanced flavour combinations.

Beckford’s Rum is listed in some of the UK’s most prestigious outlets, including Historic Royal Palaces, stately homes, museums, farm shops, Thames Clipper boats and the Houses of Parliament.



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